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Title: The discovery of a critical gap on the Ubuntu system
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The discovery of a critical gap on the U b un t u system Like Windows and Mac, who are ...
The discovery of a critical gap on the Ubuntu system
Like Windows and Mac, who are suffering from a large amount of gaps appearing all the time, it seems that Linux is also experiencing some problems than usual.

The security researcher Donncha O'Cearbhaill The recent discovery of a gap at the level of serious reporting of your Ubuntu operating system malfunctions tool.

The danger of the gap in being able to inject and implementation BB Remote Code able to make a hacker control of the system entirely only using malicious file.

In a post to the researcher Donncha O'CearbhaillDuring which he wrote that the gap is essentially a communication tool for the problems  Apport  Boopinto, which can be deceived in order to open afile failure ( by crash file) Contain malicious software BB Balbaathon, it is Tidha with system boot.
The researcher points out that the gap includes a large number of versions of the system, since each computer running the Linux version 12.10 and above, it is certainly at risk of this vulnerability.

Happy news here that it has already been tinkering with the issuance of a loophole, for users to download and install new updates.

This researcher has advised the rest of his colleagues in the field to take the initiative and do testing systems and open source software because such gaps may be still exist giving hackers control systems is patchy.

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