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Title: Report: therefore I used all of Apple, Google and Microsoft stores one another this year
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Report:  therefore  I used all of Apple, Google and Microsoft stores  one another  this year Issued a specialist  web site  ventureb...

Report: therefore I used all of Apple, Google and Microsoft stores one another this year

Issued a specialist web site venturebeat Its annual report this year regarding however Apple, Google, and Microsoft have developed applications for the platforms one another

Apple free last year , the primary 3 golem applications within the Google Play store illusion: theMove to iOS, Beats in Pill +, the Apple Music. 
This figure has not modified in 2016, additionally because the incontrovertible fact that Apple has not modified still ignore theWindows Store. 
As a special platform , it doubled the amount of applications over the year 2016.

Unlike Google and Apple has provided the majority the fundamental applications in golem on the Apple store, so asto produce a powerful expertise on the employment of each systems alike. As is additionally avoided theWindows Store, with the exception of one application: Google Search . 
As a special platform, the amount of applications rose by twenty p.c throughout 2016.

On the opposite aspect, Microsoft continues to develop applications for all 3 platforms while not exception, with a preference for naturally platform for others. 
Like in 2014 and 2015, Microsoft offered this year a lot of applications on the Apple Store over I did with Google. 

Once again, Microsoft and Google area unit still slots providing applications within the Apple Store Apple over they are doing an equivalent in her own dress shop

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